Finding Your Air Compressors

Emglo Air Compressors

One thing that we have been beginning to see more and more around town is the Emglo Air Compressor.  Moderately priced  $200-$500 depending on the model, these are usually seen around construction sites and housing jobs, as they have become popular among these types of workers.


Most of the Emglo compressors that we have seen out and about are the very distinguishable heavy duty blue ones that are usually attached to some pneumatic device. Here is at look at some of the models that we have reviewed.

#1)Emglo E810-4V 4-Gallon

Anyone that purchases this air compressor will find that it is going to have 1500 hours of running life because of the oil lubricated cast iron cylinders.  It also has a very quick recovery.  This is nice because it will allow professionals to fire more nails when they are using it.  It will be possible to do more work with this compressor.  Starting this in cold weather will not be a problem either because of the dual soft start valves.  Those that purchase this will see that they are going to have a one year warranty.  It is also important to know that this compressor will easily support two different users at one time.

#2) Emglo Air Power AM782HC4V 1.1 HP Continuous 4 Gallon

This compressor will have a very long pump life because of the cast iron cylinder.  It comes with a high flow regulator that will help to increase its overall performance.  The compressor will start in the cold weather without any problems because of the dual soft start valves.  It is lightweight so it can be taken just about anywhere with great ease.  This also means that it will not be difficult to store anywhere.  Those that have used it have reported that it is very durable and it is great when it needs to be moved from one place to the next.  That is wonderful for those that will be working on a number of different job sites.

#3) Emglo EM810-4M 4-Gallon

Traveling with this air compressor will not be difficult at all.  It has 10 inch pneumatic wheels and a handle that will collapse.  This means that it can be taken anywhere and it will also be very easy to store when you are not using it.  There is even a top load panel that will give you the opportunity to transport up to 100 pounds of cargo.  Two users will be able to access this compressor when you are on the job.  The quick recovery of this compressor will also give workers the ability to fire more nails when they are using it.  This means faster work and more jobs completed.

It is easy to see that Emglo has a wide range of air compressors for those that are in the market.  Taking the time to learn about the features of the Emglo air compressor you are looking at will help you decide which one is the best. Overall we give Emglo a very solid rating and recommend it as a good air compressor.

Coleman Air Compressor

Before you make the decision to purchase the Coleman 120V Quick Pump you will definitely want to learn about this Coleman air compressor.  Doing so will help you learn about the features this air compressor has to offer.  Then you will know if this is the best option for you or not.  This quick pump is a great price at approximately $25.00 but you still do not want to pay for it if it will not fit your needs.


#1) Multiple Colors

As you look at this pump you will see that it can be purchased in either red or black.

#2) Output

This pump has the highest output out of any of the pumps that Coleman makes.  This ensures that it will do the job that you want it to do.  What is interesting about this pump is that it can also be used to deflate things as well.

#3) Multiple Valve Uses

You will see that it has been designed to work with a number of different valve systems.  In fact, it can be used with Double Lock Valve, Boston Valve, or even Pinch Valve systems.

#4) Warranty

Those that purchase this valve will always have a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

#5) Efficiency

Users have reported that this pump is very fast and effective when it comes to blowing up mattresses and even small toys.  Keep in mind that this pump is a little bit louder than others that are on the market.

#6) Uses with Inverter

It is important to know that you will need to have an electrical outlet available when you want to use this.  If you are going to be somewhere where there is no outlet then you can use this with an inverter.  Having an inverter will allow you to use this anywhere you are at.  This is great if you are camping with your family.

#7) Storage

This pump is not going to take up much space at all when it comes to storage.  This is great so that it will be out of the way when it is not being used.  It is also very easy to take along with you when you are traveling because it is not going to take much space when it comes to packing.  It is also very sturdy so it will not be easily damaged when you are moving it from one place to the next.

In the end, this Coleman air compressor is very handy when you need to blow something up at home, or when you are traveling.  It is not going to be difficult to pack or store when it is not in use.  If you are looking for a pump that will work fast and be effective at all times then this is the way to go.  This pump is not expensive at all and it is nice to have on hand.  Those individuals that have pool toys or camping equipment that needs to be inflated will want to strongly considering having this on hand.

Hitachi Air Compressor

Anyone that is looking for an air compressor will want to spend some time looking at the Hitachi air compressor.  The EC119SA could be a great decision.  Spend some time looking over this review to determine if this is the best selection for you or not.  You may realize that the Hitachi EC119SA air compressor is the only air compressor you need.


#1) Motor

When you purchase this compressor you will see that it has a 15 amp induction motor.  This is very powerful when compared with others on the market.

#2) Protection

This product has a roll cage so it will always be protected when you are moving it around.  The pump and the motor will both be protected and this is wonderful when you consider damage that could occur when you are moving it around.  If that is not enough protection for you then you should consider the fact that you are also going to have a one year limited warranty with this compressor.

#3) Couplers

There are two couplers with this compressor.  They are factory installed.

#4) Pump

Individuals who look at this compressor will be very pleased to know that the pump is cast iron and also oil lubricated.  The oversized bearings make it very quiet to use.  They also help to ensure that the pump will work for you and be dependable.

#5) Tank

This particular air compressor comes with a 4 gallon tank.  This is good for smaller and medium size jobs as it allows for plenty of room for air.

#6) Convenient Features

The air compressor has drain ball valves that are very easy to use.  The cord wrap also helps you keep the cord in a secure location when it is not being used.  The pressure switch will be protected.  The feet of the air compressor are shock absorbing.  This compressor also has a two handed handle so it will also be very easy to move around.

#7) Customer Service

Everyone wants to know that they will get the service they need and deserve when there is a problem.  This is not something that has to be worried about it comes to this air compressor.  The service department for Hitachi will be very helpful and they will be able to send you any replacement parts you need if there is a problem while your compressor is under warranty.

#8) Recovery Time

Those that have used this air compressor have reported that it has a very fast recovery time when it is being used.  That means that it will be possible for people to complete more work in less time.  This is always a benefit.

The Hitachi air compressor can be a great addition to anyone’s tool collection when they are in need of a compressor that will work.  With fast recovery speeds and cord storage when it is not in use, this is a great addition to any garage.  It is also nice to know that the customer service is effective and helpful if there is a problem that needs to be attended to.